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Nowhere do you hear the cries of joy or moans of agony as you do at the craps tables. There are a number of reasons craps is so exciting. Yes, the game has a multitude of bets (but so does roulette); the game seems to be fast (but so is mini-baccarat); the game has truly dedicated players playing it (but so does blackjack); and big money can be made on hot rolls (but that is true or truer about slot machines). I think a fundamental reason for craps popularity has to do with the generally communal nature of the game. Those betting with the shooter to make his point (which would be the overwhelming majority of the players) have that common interest burning in them. The shooter makes his point and that helps almost everyone at the table and that will be the reason for the communal cheering and high fives. Most craps players will also have a number of other bets on the table as well. Many of these will be the same bets still other players have. They hit and the players on those numbers all shout and give each other more high fives. You get the idea; the joint interests of the players create a commonality among them. That commonality creates a bond and when groups of people bond they well they get louder and louder for good or ill.

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